A period (no fun intended) of time during every month, usually spanning between 5 days up to a week, where men are advised to spend their free time in pubs, clubs and other places of social congrigation, simply to avoid the "short fuse" and irrational behavior of his better half (unless he's gay).
Well, looks like it's time for more male bonding, my wife's PMSing
by Steve Milligan March 11, 2003
The thing about pms, is women don't realize they are being bitchy. I don't even know, when I'm acting bitchy when I suffer from PMS. For those who say it's a fact that it doesn't exist, I don't know where you got that information, because it's a lie.
Women think they are being rational, when they are pmsing.
by Zinnia December 12, 2006
"Pre-Menstrual-Syndrome" aka "Pardon My Sobbing", "Perpetual Munching Spree", "Pass my Sweatpants" .... The time of the month in which the female gets very moody, vicious, insane, psycho, bitchy...etc.
"Do you have anymore chocolate covered french fries? I'm pms'ing"
by ** Tracy ** May 15, 2006
Pre-Mestrual-Syndrome...When a girl is about to get her period and she gets pissed off at everything.
Jen- "Screw You!!!" "Go the fuck away you annoying little bitch!"

Mike- " Wow she's
by U K1LL3D K3NNY May 05, 2010
PMS-premenstrual syndrome.
notice: if a girl really got that psycho, they'd call it "Psycho monster syndrome".
which they dont
ur all insensitives dicks anyway...
(pun intended)
Guy: Hey!
Girl: Hey!
Guy: i thought it was that time of the month again? Ur so.. happy?
Girl: what, do i have to be a bitch when i PMS?
by jessicajaded October 07, 2008
Post Masturbation Shame. The feeling of guilt or depression often experienced by males following a frantic masturbation session.
{Housemate Darren storms out of his bedroom past Mandy and Mark in the lounge room to have a smoke outside.}
Mandy: {to Mark} What's he (Darren) so grumpy about?
Mark: Must be that time of the day.
Mandy: Huh?
Mark: It's his PMS.
Mandy: {Laughs}
Mark: I don't think you understand.
by UrbanDave July 29, 2006
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