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A widely used phrase in Ireland, given to a 350ml bottle of alcoholic spirits. Most commonly vodka or whiskey....Known to be a powerful instrument in tackling the problem of sobriety
"I might buy a few beers for the party"

"Stop being a bitch and get a shoulder"
by Dick Steel April 09, 2008
according to Boiling Springs High School, a "sex object"
"That shirt showsyour shoulder"
by *tweak* September 08, 2003
Shoulders is a game where two contestants, usually drunk and invariably stupid, take turns punching each other in the shoulder. There is no winner, only losers.
I'm bored, let's play shoulders.
by stutheidiot September 28, 2007
An upper joint joining the neck to the arm.
Men can't keep their hands off my shoulders.

My boss tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention.
by Saints October 19, 2003
a term used to call someone that has a big head and is usually fat; they look like they have no neck due to their obese weight
Hey look it's shoulders ( the fat kid )
by Dropped_2_C December 31, 2008
A part of your body in which you don't do.
"He rubbed her shoulder sensually"

"That's so stupid you can't do someone in the shoulder!"
by Marcel. February 19, 2009
When playing pool or snooker, when only a power shot will do.
SammyA "Yo Busta, this ain't no time for the sexy shots, you gotta give that some shoulder!"

Ed McD "I hear you soldier, i'm taking you down to Chinatown"
by MikeP_London February 27, 2008
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