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Another word for please, often used in exclamtion.
"What, the, hell is that putrid creature mooching on that luxurious leather sofa with equally putrid offspring, in a village hall, with a womens aerobics class occuring in the background. PLOES EXPLAIN!"
by Nikells July 03, 2005
a person impossible to understand.
someone who's actions are completely

irrational and nonsensical.
"who ate all the guacamole?"
"mmm, must have been a plo."

"oh that guacamole just got ploed!"
by doctabootnocka July 23, 2009
The Palestine Liberation Organisation. They oppose the terrorist zionist regime which has stolen most of their land.
The PLO don't stand much of a chance against the Zionist regime, as their terrorism is supported and funded by the USA.
by hez April 28, 2007
Another cool way to say pipe. Used to smoke marijuana.
Grab your p-lo before we hit the road so we can blaze on the way.
by tfin March 08, 2007
someone who is doing or saying something crazy or unheard of, or just does or says something you don't agree with
can also be used to describe someone who's not cool at the time
can also be used in a joking way
"Why are you such a plo...I told you not to eat my chips!"

"He's a plo...he didn't call me last nite"
by [[P.Y.T]] January 24, 2009
"Palstinian Liberation Organisation". A terrorist group that became the Palestinian Authority PA which now claims to be the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. Current head is Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas)
Palestinian terrorist: "Hey, it'll make us seem more legitimate if we had a government."
Rest of the world: "How bout we give you more money and more legitimecy and then you can continue opressing your own people and funding terrorism."
Terrorist: "Ok, we'll change our plo to the PA"
by Roman V November 24, 2005
a word you say it when you don't know another word for anything.
Let's plo somewhere. (plo= e.g. walk...)
by Ali December 21, 2003