Posing Like a Gayrod - when a male poses in a manner that is homosexual.

Having arms around the waist or a slightly bent with arms crossed. Just standing there with a gay look!
Man, look at guy standing there! He is PLG!
by Tony S (Mickey F) December 15, 2007
PLG- Pour Le Gagner

Derived from FTW- For The Win

For elite people who are sick of the overused FTW acronym.
Yo dude Reece Puffs PLG!!
by HockeyHipp June 16, 2008
Posing Like a Gay rod. This terms is used to define someone who is standing in a very strange gay manner. This could include having your hands around your waist and legs crossed OR crossed arms with a lean to the side and a gay look.
(picture a guy standing with his around his waist with arms crossed staring at you)

Boy, that dude is PLG! Look at the way he is looking this way! Sheesh!
by Tony S (Mickey F) November 27, 2007
PLG (acronym)Peace, Love and Godspeed- usually used in the closing of a message in the context of wishing goodwill toward somone. Useful abbreviation for text messaging.

I know next week is payday muthaf*cka! You best be comin' up wit my chedda or I'll sneak up on you like a f*ckin' ninja!

by gangsta750 May 11, 2005
Petite Lap Giraffe
from www.petitelapgiraffe.com/
PLGs appear in directv commercials
by sfg17 March 24, 2011
Parking Lot Gummer. When your sitting in a parking lot and a girls giving you a blow job
Oh man, i got a PLG in the Mcdonalds parking lot last night.
See Also Houdini.
by Tyke23 September 29, 2005
Abbreviation of Pig like girl, used to describe a particularly ugly girl.
We have a PLG!!
by Danger Mouse February 12, 2004

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