PLG (acronym)Peace, Love and Godspeed- usually used in the closing of a message in the context of wishing goodwill toward somone. Useful abbreviation for text messaging.

I know next week is payday muthaf*cka! You best be comin' up wit my chedda or I'll sneak up on you like a f*ckin' ninja!

by gangsta750 May 11, 2005
Top Definition
PLG- Pour Le Gagner

Derived from FTW- For The Win

For elite people who are sick of the overused FTW acronym.
Yo dude Reece Puffs PLG!!
by HockeyHipp June 16, 2008
Petite Lap Giraffe
PLGs appear in directv commercials
by sfg17 March 24, 2011
Posing Like a Gay rod. This terms is used to define someone who is standing in a very strange gay manner. This could include having your hands around your waist and legs crossed OR crossed arms with a lean to the side and a gay look.
(picture a guy standing with his around his waist with arms crossed staring at you)

Boy, that dude is PLG! Look at the way he is looking this way! Sheesh!
by Tony S (Mickey F) November 27, 2007
Posing Like a Gayrod - when a male poses in a manner that is homosexual.

Having arms around the waist or a slightly bent with arms crossed. Just standing there with a gay look!
Man, look at guy standing there! He is PLG!
by Tony S (Mickey F) December 15, 2007
Parking Lot Gummer. When your sitting in a parking lot and a girls giving you a blow job
Oh man, i got a PLG in the Mcdonalds parking lot last night.
See Also Houdini.
by Tyke23 September 29, 2005
Abbreviation of Pig like girl, used to describe a particularly ugly girl.
We have a PLG!!
by Danger Mouse February 12, 2004
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