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Poor Life Decision

Opposite of MLD (Mature Life Decision)

You may have made a PLD if....
1. You skipped a charity event to make out.
2. You skipped a charity event to do drugs.
3. You have seen numerous photos of yourself on the internet making out with many different boys.
4. You leave jewelry at a boy's place just to have an excuse to go back again and again.
5. You continually lose at "the game", you know.... the 'just the tip, just for a second, just to see how it feels' game.
6. You have drank during class, bonus points if it's not a night class.
7. You have pregamed alone.
8. You've pregamed rails with one substance or another. Bonus points if you've then continued to party hard until last call.
9. You can ever say you've had a "caffeine pill incident".
10. You went out during finals week. Bonus points if you had 2 finals the next day.
11. You earned shady stars in the parking lot OF YOUR JOB.
12. Or you have earned the stars in the parking garage of your job (classy).
13. You spread lies about a boy's penis size. Bonus points if they were to his BEST FRIEND.
14. You earned quasi gold stars with the best friend of the guy above.
15. You stumbled upon an accident boyfriend, claimed you don't like him, and then toss kissy faces in your profile.
16. Your allergies make you look stoned at work, so you go with it and smoke on your lunch break.
17. You snuck a boy into your house past your parents and then had sex. Twice.
Looking back, that was a PLD....
by supermjr August 04, 2006
Someone who only dates men that have enough emotional baggage to capsize a medium-sized, ocean-going vessel
That guy still isn't over his ex-wife and she's so into him -- that's an emotional stormchaser if I ever saw one.
by supermjr October 10, 2012

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