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1. An acronym that stands for Portable Jack Off Station. This term refers to using a laptop computer for the sole purpose of downloading and jacking off to porn where ever one travels. PJOS is pronounced "Pee-Joss"

2. The acronym can also stand for Pocket Jack Off Station if the electronic device being used for pornographic satisfaction can be fit into one's pocket. Such devices include cell phones and PDAs.
"I went out of town without my girlfriend, but stayed busy with my PJOS"

"Because my job is really boring, I pack my PJOS with me and take many bathroom breaks"
by No. #1 Stunna September 17, 2006
Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a popular 5 book series by Rick Riordan. Please disregard the movies because they suck ass.
Have you read the PJO series? If you haven't then you should because they're fucking awesome!
by _.idk September 07, 2015
Post Jerk-Off Serenity
Man, I JO'ed earlier and I have such PJOS now that I can barely stay awake.
by El Negro June 26, 2003

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