A lowtech Stock Trader. Someone who resembles a middle age steve jobs in appearance. a slang term for a dew wop.
That dude thinks hes gonna stay home and be a piv

those tiny glasses make that skinny guinnea look like a piv.

steve jobs cofounder of apple looks like a dew wop piv.

dale gribble looks like a dew wop piv.
by airman cowdown 3rd class November 17, 2007
A word that is used to describe a girl who is Pure, Innocent, and is still a Virgin.
Audy Chuang has a fetish for PIV girls.
by Audy April 14, 2006
1. A person that acts like he's better than Khain when he obviously isn't

2. Someone who is of less value than Khain
Khain is by far > than piv
by Not-Khain August 02, 2004
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