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the funniest charecter on the animated series king of the hill.also the creator of shasha.
dale: the government told me something i didnt know cigarettes cause lung cancer
hank:dale i could've told you that
dale:but you didnt hank.
by rusty shackleford March 05, 2005
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The paranoid and really funny guy on King of the Hill. Dale's wife Nancy cheated on him and had a kid (Joseph) with John Redcorn, who is an Indian American and Dale believes that because Joseph is so tan and dark that his great grandmother was Italian, and in one episode that "aliens" impregnated Nancy. Dale does not sign his real name on anything he signs, he uses the name Rusty Shackelford, which he also has the birth certificate of. Records all of his phone calls, has metal cage doors (like in malls) to roll down over his windows and doors. Has his fake little security company "Dale-Tec" that doesn't do anything except give you a bunch of free Dale-Tec balloons when you sign up. Also he writes his own local newspaper called "The Gribble Times" that covers news and events in the alley. Believes that the CIA and FBI are bad. Has theories and conspiracies on just about anything that happens or anything that anyone says.
Clank noises are heard when Hank's truck is broke, the noises are clearly coming from the truck
Dale Gribble: Must be those stealth helicopters, they still have some clanks to work out.

Hank answers telephone
Dale disguises his voice
Dale: You don't know who I am but I know where you live.
Hank? Dale is that you?
Dale: Oh Hank, can I speak with Peggy?
Peggy: Hello Dale
Dale: You don't know who I am but I know where you live......
by Hi-Ya Zip May 16, 2009
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the very funny neighbor of hank hill on the animated series "king of th hill"
I am a one man externiation corperation
by rusty shackleford March 02, 2005
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When a daulton charles inserts his penis in a grown ass mans ear. Then licks the cum out of his ear an mixes it with a warm pot of chili.
Dude i had some mean dale gribble yesterday.
by chad dieter October 31, 2009
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