Top Definition
Above pimp level...more then just a pimp,playa or stunna
damnn men dat shit look piamp ass hell,im a piamp
by LIL SICK September 27, 2006
a way of saying pimp, used usually in a facetious tone
that guy gets every chick, what a piamp
by duhfugsd May 28, 2003
Abbreviation for a PC Integrated Amplifier.
by d##adum September 05, 2011
someone or something that is hot or piamptastic.
Damn,David is lookin man piamp today.

Yo that new cd is piamp.
by David aka hsideballa March 27, 2003
Jus a word that defines "pimp" but a way cooler way of sayin it
" Holy shit! " David looks so "piamp" today!
by David March 24, 2004
another word for pimp, but it sounds cooler
That guy with all those girls is such a PIAMP
by joose May 26, 2003

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