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Above pimp level...more then just a pimp,playa or stunna
damnn men dat shit look piamp ass hell,im a piamp
by LIL SICK September 27, 2006
9 2
a way of saying pimp, used usually in a facetious tone
that guy gets every chick, what a piamp
by duhfugsd May 28, 2003
11 5
Abbreviation for a PC Integrated Amplifier.
by d##adum September 05, 2011
4 0
someone or something that is hot or piamptastic.
Damn,David is lookin man piamp today.

Yo that new cd is piamp.
by David aka hsideballa March 27, 2003
6 4
Jus a word that defines "pimp" but a way cooler way of sayin it
" Holy shit! " David looks so "piamp" today!
by David March 24, 2004
3 3
another word for pimp, but it sounds cooler
That guy with all those girls is such a PIAMP
by joose May 26, 2003
4 4