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6 definitions by joose

one with no heart
Aaron Brooks is an athletic QB but in the nolia he's known as the tin man
by joose January 22, 2004
38 14
locally grown marijuana
down hur in tha double L we be smoking dat shratnum
by joose January 22, 2004
8 0
Some straight up gangstas
CMG runs this shit
by joose May 26, 2003
19 18
another word for pimp, but it sounds cooler
That guy with all those girls is such a PIAMP
by joose May 26, 2003
4 4
An unknown farmer. He enjoys plowing, and feeding his cattle. He plants carrots, and cucumbers, and horse radish and..alot more. He has a pup named spot.. He loves doing drugs, crack is his specialty, he is poor and cannot afford the real thing, so he sniffs on the crack on the cement behind the barn.
deo me may...may muon gi?
by joose November 21, 2004
2 14
hardcore gangsta in CMG
Joose reps CMG.
by joose May 26, 2003
3 100