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acronym standing for Public Display of Loserness derived from PDA
Hillary is always showing PDL and embarrassing her friend.
by embarrassed friend December 26, 2010
9 15
acronym meaning peter (penis) drag lips .. not power door locks. similar to DSL (dick sucking lips) but normally in this instance talking about a big lipped guy.
wow did you see the PDLs on that poor bastard .. looks as just dragged a cock freshly out his mouth.
by Slammy28 October 18, 2010
44 9
Post Dump Levity: The physical sensation of relief and/or release resulting from a much-needed stool dropping. The ensuing comfort makes one feel lighter, accompanied by alacrity of movement, and the perceived ability to jump higher.
John Doe: Coffee doesn't always make me feel this way, but man, I feel like 10 pounds lighter.
Jim Doe: You got PDL?
John Doe: You know it.
by drovalo September 01, 2010
13 20
i.e. Permanent Down Low --> To keep something quiet forever
Yeah, there's gonna be drinks, but my parents will be there so we gotta keep it PDL.
by Superace June 17, 2005
8 29