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1. An unctuous person; excessively smooth, suave, or smug; prone to disingenuous behavior in pursuit of personal gain. 2. A person characterized by oily or shiny skin, particularly bald males of any race in hot climates who crave the limelight.
I had to move out of South Beach beach because of all the skeevy high rollers and pushy butter lickers.
by Drovalo July 10, 2009
Post Dump Levity: The physical sensation of relief and/or release resulting from a much-needed stool dropping. The ensuing comfort makes one feel lighter, accompanied by alacrity of movement, and the perceived ability to jump higher.
John Doe: Coffee doesn't always make me feel this way, but man, I feel like 10 pounds lighter.
Jim Doe: You got PDL?
John Doe: You know it.
by drovalo September 01, 2010

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