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Personal Digital Assistant, a small pocket size computer that usually runs calenders, phonebook, games etc. these days they even work as mobile phones, see smartphone. smaller than a laptop, bigger a mobile phone... often used with a "pen" or a mini-keyboard
i got a cool new phonebook for my PDA.
by deice May 27, 2003
449 327
public displays of affection... aka getting on each other in front of other people
girl #1: wow that couple is having some major p.d.a over there
girl #2: yeah there going at it... even in public
by christine holt October 18, 2005
117 25
Originating from the mouths of people who are upset with their friends who are grossly making out. This terms applies to couples who french kiss and touch each other inappropriatly in front of friends, family or other public persons.
God! There they go again with the PDA. So gross!
by Team Strike January 09, 2005
125 78
Public Display of Affection
Kissing in a crowd is a PDA.
by farleys_squirt August 23, 2006
84 57
A hand-held electronic device used by yuppie twits to draw attention and admiration to themselves at meetings. Although the device does little more than a notebook and pen, yuppies and soccer moms are very impressed by them.
Scrodney was the center of attention with her new PDA. All the yuppies were very excited about it, and Scrodney scored many points.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 26, 2005
70 46
public display of affection
Girl: PDA alert! Stay away if you dont want to be scared for life
Couple: Pfft, more action then youve ever gotten so fuck off.
by Jacie July 25, 2006
61 43
a public display of affection between a couple, especially one that is considered inappropriate in a particular place.
Lay off the pda you two.
by The Return of Light Joker July 20, 2009
31 17