1. Public Display of Affection. (Isn't that self explanatory)


2. Please Do Again (What we say the meaning is when Teacher's refer to the #1 PDA)
"Please, no PDA in the halls."

"You do know that when teachers say PDA, they really mean please do again."
by laikomgurgay March 04, 2006
Public Display of Affection. When people display "affection" in the viscinity of other people. Hugging or more, usually. Why does everyone think it's gross or that people shouldn't do it? I don't know. They obviously don't believe in love. People shouldn't have to hide their love.
Girl 1: Eww that's a PDA right there! Get a room!!!
Girl 2: Shut up, it's romantic.
by Mark February 01, 2006
Personal Digital Assistant (aka a palm, ipaq, etc)
by gid October 25, 2002
Public Display of Affection, notably lee lyons spinning his girlfriend around and showing the room her boobs and generally showing off to everyone that he has one.
what a PDA
get a room
stop eating her face
by Big "Gay" Dave November 17, 2006
PDA or 'Pure Driving Ability' relates to the Nintendo 64 game 'Mario Kart 64'. If a player is said to have PDA, it means he is a player of a very high standard, capable of boosts from powerslides and with the ability to achieve 'gappage' (or PUG, Pure Unadulterated Gappage).

A player of extraordinary Mario Kart prowess may be stated as having APDA, or Advanced Pure Driving Abililty. Player of this standard are very rare.
'I would have won that race if it wasnt for Ocy's PDA!'

'My PDA will allow me to create a Frappe Gappe'

by Kart16 October 05, 2006
"PDA" Public Display of Affection, This term is used by young teenagers who like to hold hands, hug, kiss, make-out, ect, in the eye's of the public includes, Citizens, techers, parents (perhaps). This term can also be used to describe anger in example Public display of anger, or art, aardvark (publicly displayed aardvark).
1. "At the party Laura and Paul had to much time for PDA and not enough time for partying."
by Erki July 12, 2006
Public Display of Affection. Commonly given by ENFP's to INTP's.
ENFP Kelly met her INTP boyfriend, Brian at the boathouse after spring break while waiting for crew to start. Because they hadn't seen each other for a week, she hugged him. Brian was initially hesitant about her PDA, but gave in, although he was somewhat happy and sad when she detached.
by kalrocky July 11, 2009

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