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Post-Coitus Flatulence.

Farting that can occur after sex. May be mistaken for beer farts if sex occurs after a night of heavy drinking. Should beer farts be mistaken as PCF, you may end up literally shitting the bed.
Girl: I'm exhausted. Let's cuddle.
Guy: Sure
Guy: Oh no. I'm going to ruin the moment. *FART*
Girl: PCF is so gross.
by Skootles May 21, 2010
the original members
of a/c blackall the originals
live in paces club

yo homie
u in P.C.F
by acdon January 08, 2008
Standing for "Pasat (the volkswagon car) owners forum"
PCF lets me talk with people who love volkswagons.
by mat wimsat June 14, 2010
Pre Cum Fluid.

The clear fluid that drips from the hole of your deek prior to ejaculation.
I was so horny that PCF was coming out of my deek before she even touched me.
by t June 30, 2004
Acronymn standing for Post Cum Fatigue. Although usually in reference to finishing after masturbating, it can be used in any situation involving cumming.
I'm sorry son, I'd love to play baseball with you but I have PCF from the last hour with your mother.
by PussyMcDickFuckYourAss September 17, 2015
Pwncake Factory (Derived from haagen dazs -> pwngen dazs :: cheesecake factory -> pwncake factory)
Chuck Norris is a motherfuckin PCF. no question.
by 15132 January 30, 2008
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