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Polybag with Header

PBH is the common catalog abbreviation for "Polybag with Header," the retail packaging type that resembles a plastic (usually transparent) bag holding a product, hanging below an attached cardboard tag, often folded over and stapled, usually with a punched hole or hook for hanging on a display.
"We need 1 gross units in PBH, since it's cheaper than blister"
by TC84 February 12, 2013
Psycho Bitches High School: If a girl is acting crazy you say she went to PBHS.
1: Sheena locked me in her room after we boned and I had to break the window to get out.

2: DAMN! She must be a PBHS alumni!!
by PP3A May 30, 2009
Psycho Bitch from Hell.
my ex wife (girlfriend) is a real pbh!!
by 5L4CK3R June 29, 2006
Superior beings. Playas/Ballas/Hustlas. Synonyms are restricted to Minh-Huy Tran, Jeesoo Lee, and Oliver Lo ONLY.
I wish I was a PBH, instead my name is _____ and I am a peasant.

Man, I wish I was a PBH! I'm only a piece of filth.
by Awesome Cool Person May 13, 2008
Possible Beard Hair
Harrison: Dude what's that on your plate?

Jack: Damn, looks like a PBH
by HarryJames575 March 24, 2010