A Black Rapper who started the "Vote or Die" campaign in the 2004 presidential elections. However, P Diddy voted for his FIRST TIME in these elections, therefore making him a total moron.
"P Diddy does a great job making African Americans look like illiterate retards."
by Jake February 13, 2005
porr excuse of a an artist
Hey you know that guy ummm... Puff Diddy wait no umm P Daddy? Ah Fuck it he sucks
by Nick Valadao July 26, 2004
a used-to-be alright rappper who now strives on remixes and politics
p diddy: haven't you heard of my campaign "Vote or Die"

stan: what the hell does that even mean?

p diddy: -pulls out a gun- what do you think it means, bitch?
by sly madman October 30, 2004
He can't rap to save his life but love him or hate him you gotta give it to him that's one smart ass brotha and he has millions to prove it. Big clothing companies, big record label, big restaraunts, big tv shows, and he brought you B.I.G. Is his flow tight? Hell naw. Is his pockets deep? Hell yeah. He's a marketing genius.
I want to rap like 2Pac but have money like Diddy. Plus he got with J-Lo, but that doesn't seem hard to do.
by Doc February 28, 2004
p diddy
1. a. noun, A black man who has sex with men on the down-low while maintaining a macho facade, b. verb, To perform sex on another man, 2. The bottom or passive position in same-sex sex.
1. Yo man, ya wanna p diddy my diddy?
2. Turn over, you're Diddy tonite.
by JTee August 02, 2006
Another name for menstruation.
I finally got my P Diddy today.
I was going to have some fun this weekend, but the "Rapper paid a visit."
by danielv April 10, 2006
1) A child's term for a penis.
2) A rapper who changes his name every month.
1) "Mummy, I need to use my p diddy, I'm going to the toilet."
2) "What is he calling himself now?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 18, 2003
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