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One who, most likely, does not have the mental capacity to learn how to spell 'consoles.'
Me: Oh, so you're an Xbox fanboy?
Dumbass: Yes, I am! *falls down, dead*
Me: Hah! Thats what you get!
by Du Rag April 03, 2005
An anime RP forum with a multitude of interesting features.
My name on GAIA is Timbuk!
by Du Rag April 28, 2005
(verb) One of Sam's many retarded Microsoft Paint drawings.
Tom: Hi! How are you?
Fred: Well, I'm feeling pretty cheaply drawn right now... *Raises glitched arm* You?
by Du Rag April 16, 2005
Complete God master of all kirbys. Kicks ass at everything and is so damn good at any game you challenge him, that you probably shouldn't challenge him at all, because he'll kick your ass. Also see shannon and awesome.
Damn!!! I just got completly owned by KirbyGodMaster in SSBM!!
by Du Rag April 02, 2005
(v.) The action of shooting cough drops out of your ass at someone or something.
Chris, if you go blarg that hobo, I'll give you $5!!
by Du Rag April 02, 2005
Contraction of the words Nigger, Bitch and Stupid. First used by Zee.
You are such a nougat!
by Du Rag April 03, 2005
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