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Ovi is a name used for only the most sexy and brilliant. Usually in a technical field.
Every man wants to look and think like Ovi.
by DannyMaca September 08, 2006
The shortened popular nickname of Alex Ovechkin, captain and right winger of the Washington Capitals.
"Hat trick tonight -- another Rocket trophy for Ovi!"
by CapsandSkins4life May 06, 2013
OVI is the abbreviation for "Operating a Vehicle Impaired". Ohio’s General Assembly amended the drunk driving / DUI statute to broaden the offense from driving under the influence, to Operating a Vehicle Impaired. The big difference is that operation does not require that the vehicle actually be moving!!! Hell, the vehicle doesn’t even have to be running so long as you are in the driver’s seat and the keys are within reach.

To make it worse, even if the police officer can’t prove that you actually drove the vehicle while impaired, you can still be charged with an OVI, as long as it can be reasonably inferred that you drove while impaired. Like he finds you in the car along side the road passed out, out in the middle of no where -- no way could you get there without driving while you were drunk. You get an OVI.
First Drinker: Where's Carl at tonight?
Second Drinker: The cops found him sleeping his buzz off in his trucktel. He had his keys in his jacket so they busted him with an OVI.
First Drinker: That sucks! It's not like he was drinking and driving!
by spotteddogman September 17, 2007
Short for Obviously, when someone blatently states the obvious, then say it ;)
- "You're browsing Urban Dictionary"
- "Ovi"
by Jamibi March 31, 2007
1.operating vehicle while impaired

2.Out of Vehicle for Investigation

both are used in law enforcment
1.m'am put your hands behind your head. you're under arrest for o.v.i.

2. no example
by daniel cannon July 27, 2007
An abbreviation of the word obviously. Said with extreme emphasis, and only REALLY lame people say it...
"ovi i'm coming out tonight kb"

call me later?

by nikdawwggg January 26, 2010
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