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A ca-razy foo' who rules the paranormal world.
He's pretty cool and a rather smart fellow in general.
Orlock. Respect him.
by Mastertypo February 05, 2005
A man with long hair, black clothes, and lots of problems.
That he's messed up.
by Logan January 16, 2004
Big scary white man, but hes still the leading expert in the realm of the paranormal. Leader of several fights to drive trolls from P/C.
Orlock, the shatterer of worlds.
by The Fiddler December 16, 2004

Lover. Ghost Hunter. HERO.

Orlock roxxors mah boxxors. Well, he would if I was wearing any...
by MightyOnionKnight January 09, 2005
Loved by few, Hated by many, Respected by the intelligent.
The best Ghost Hunter in the entire world! I love you!
by Yeang Chiong August 21, 2003
Owner of Orlocks Domain. Bringer of cool crazy ass ghost storys. Dude who stops Jonalex from murdering everyone.
by Dizzy October 07, 2003
The leader of the Domain crew, one carazy ass mofo, and one of the best people in the world
*ghostbusters theme plays* WHO YA GONNA CALL.. ORRRLOCCCKKK!!!!
by Ryan October 08, 2003
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