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When something is so unbelievably insane that the word "crazy" doesn't even make the cut.
That guy with the panda bear hat and the upside down banjo that danced on a barrel that was rolling down a hill was just ca-razy!
by Simon Pawlowski April 28, 2008
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A way of over exagerating the word "Crazy" said like this "Ca-ray-zee"

Also used when a person called Cara does somthing Crazy so the name "Cara" get intergrated into the word "crazy"
"Dude that was Carazy"
"Cara you are Carazy"
by Flynt90 March 12, 2008
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something so weird and amazing that its to cool for words
carazy! carazy! carazy! that is so carazy!
by richard riley November 05, 2006
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