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A ca-razy foo' who rules the paranormal world.
He's pretty cool and a rather smart fellow in general.
Orlock. Respect him.
by Mastertypo February 05, 2005
The way that some southern-folk, like myself, say "ought".
You ort to go outside today.
by mastertypo March 03, 2005
Those brown shoes, sometimes black, but usually leather, but usually worn by people who want to look preppy.

See also:
duck boots, prep boots.
He has on duck shoes 'cause he wants to look like a preppy boy.
by mastertypo March 04, 2005
A rather long winded fellow who posts on several message boards.
Apparently he has long hair.
Likes to post posts over five or six paragraphs long and use big words.
Saw the chicken, didn't read the post, sure it was meaningful though.
by Mastertypo February 05, 2005

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