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A small town and its senior (Old Orcutt) sadly lumped in with the shit hole known as Santa Maria. Orcuttiers generally dislike Santa Maria for stealing their money, and generally hate Santa Barbara for the same reason seeing as Santa Barbara takes tax money to beautify their own streets while Santa Maria and Orcutt slip down the road to shitsville.

Orcutt is home to Charlie's King Felafel, and home to the best BBQ in AMerica, though its still titled Santa Maria style.
Hey? Don't you live in Santa Maria?

No, dude. I live in Orcutt. But you can switch the Zip codes around without having an issue.
by bengeredwing October 11, 2009
Slang for a woman's dirty va-jay-jay.
No way, I'd never fool around with her, she has a orcutt.
by FrannyFranNortheast February 11, 2010
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