A black Woman's vagina. A Specific off-branch of Poontang.
Marty: So I saw you go home with that black chick last night.
Bob: Yeah, I got me some oranga-tang!!
by Dasjigaboo September 06, 2008
Top Definition
A human which has the face of an Orangatang, usually from Filipino decent, in this matter it can be a whole new race. A Filipino grenade.
Mike-"Hey Jack lets go to the Philippines"
Jack-"Sounds good as long as you don't fuck an Orangatang"
by FatGirl69 April 09, 2011
opposite of a dime
ulgy chick that has an orangatang behind instead of a monkey
an ass that is un seen, straight, flat, saggy, etc
the way you act wild out of control
that girl got an orangatang cause her ass gets low
by grams July 18, 2006

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