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American Death metal band formed in 1983 under the name Mantras. They re-formed as death in 1984, and hit it off. they're the first ever death metal band (i think the genre's named after them). The lead singer (Chuck Schuldiner, RIP) accidentally growled/screamed when trying to cover a slayer song, and thus was born Chuck's amazing voice.
"Death fucking rocks, too bad Chuck died."
by psychoman364 November 26, 2003
best metal band to ever grace the earth with its presence.

the moor is fucking amazing. so is demon of the fall and deliverance.
by psychoman364 November 01, 2003
amazingly good power metal band. sound like a mix between medieval music and iron maiden. are influenced by the J.R.R. Tolkien.
the soulforged is god.
by psychoman364 November 01, 2003
system of a down.
i'm seeing a SOAD concert in a month.
by psychoman364 June 16, 2003
Fucking good brutal death metal band from canada.
"Why the hell did lord worm leave cryptopsy?"
by psychoman364 November 26, 2003
great metal band featuring the singer/guitarist from the band death.
try consumed or cut down. very good band.
by psychoman364 November 01, 2003
evil overlord of YT.
captaintrips is fuckin' hilarious.
by psychoman364 December 10, 2003
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