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To be intoxicated on marijuana , or someone who has no sense of what their actions are about; either making dumb comments or being ephiphany of studipidy
Man Toni you are open right now, take a chill pill homie.
by Calvin Secrest November 09, 2007
18 49
1. someone who is easy (to fuck)
2. someone who is in love and willing to do shit for their lover (financially, sexually, in every way possible)
1. I'm definitely gonna smash, that bitch is open like 7-eleven

2. He got me open girl, I'm folding his clothes, cooking for him, running his bath water, buying him shit...
by that dozen April 30, 2005
337 69
Meaning Excited or Entertained. Used by mostly intercity youth. Particularly in the projects of East New York.
"I was watching that new Jackie Chan movie last night, shit had me open!"
by Joey Kola November 24, 2006
144 101
is when someone visits and anything goes. This can mean, open to drink, open for sex, open for fun.
I am open to do what you want.
by Webster September 23, 2003
75 61
A person who is up to trying new things or experiences.
The new girl seems to be very open in the school activities.
by Sr.C February 12, 2006
61 50
To blaze or to perform outstandingly in a competition or task.
Did you see Bolt in the Olympics. The guy opened bra
by ackimnanine July 03, 2011
9 16
is mean free time, avaible for whatever.
A: Yo we're planing for a party, when do you have open?
B: Open as Seven-eleven!
by Toxicrich August 18, 2011
11 21
Receptive - often used with regards to being receptive to music and other types of performance
The first act got the crowd open for the headliners
by Jar3tt March 28, 2008
12 24