One of the best rap groups ever.

The group formed in 1991 and the first album "Bacdafucup" was released in '93.

Representing Queens, New York, Onyx consists of: Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Starr, Sonee Seeza and Big DS.

Their first three albums were awesome, but after that they fell off.
Onyx's best tracks:
-Throw ya gunz
-Last Dayz
-Raze it up
-Shut Em Down
-F*** Dat
-Slam Harder
by blahzay September 05, 2007
Top Definition
3 Dangerous MC's from South Suicide Queens, NY. Freddro Starr, Sticky Fingaz and Sonsee.., All their albums are fire and they speak their minds.A Rap group that nobody wants to beef wit'.
The Truth ,tells it like it's real.
by rQ_Tek519 January 26, 2005
Extremely talented quartet of young, black Christians, whose cache of wholesome, inspirational songs have influenced millions!
Some popular Onyx etudes: Bust Dat Ass, Da Bounca Nigga, Da Nex Niguz, and Bacdafucup.
by RXtasy January 21, 2005
Who slam harder Onyx or Vince Carter.........Onyx!! all my thugs get louder.
Who slam ........ aww fuck you know the rest and I am too damn drunk to finish this bitch off. Have a nice day.
by Irish Whiskey Man 4280 March 12, 2003
A serpent made of stone coiled in a perfect circle and swallowing its own tail; the onyx is a symbol for the structure of naturally eternal forces and operations of the universe. The way of the onyx is a philosophical lifestyle for the attainment of personal values, contentment and morality with aversion from artificial pleasures and superficial ideas.
A man yelled out to me some profane discrimination, Alas i am an Onyx and realize his attitude if fallible and ignorant, therefore by second nature my response was ignorance of this mans existence entirely.

for a complete overview visit
by The Onyx January 10, 2011
The crappiest MP3 Player of all time. Even with the headphones all the way in it sounds like you are carrying around a radio.
Hey, wanna go Onyx-smashing after work?
by AntiGoombaForce25 January 03, 2009
a small monkey oftenly mistaken for a little person or a human in general.there is only one left in the world. the ONYX looks like a stud. although of its hairy feartures most humans cant tell with just the naked eye. Usually when scientists try to uncovert he mysteries of the ONYX, they get hairy balls thrown at them.
*An example for onyx would be when you get raped by your grandmother and the nightmares that come with it*
by AnonymousYOURMOM April 02, 2011
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