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Best known for his videos on YouTube. Onision makes comedy sketches, music videos, activist vlogs & prank videos.

Due to the most popular music video he's ever created being "I'm A Banana" (which has over 30,000,000 views) he refers to his audience as "Bananas".

Onision has made videos on YouTube since late 2007.
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by KodaKay December 08, 2012
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A YouTuber who:
- Has five channels on YouTube.
- Has thousands of videos online.
- Has achieved hundreds of millions of views.
- Has been on Comedy Central, ABC, MTV, Discovery Channel & other TV networks.
- Has world with Shane Dawson, LiveLavaLive, MakeMeBad35 & other popular YouTubers.
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by efiu38 December 08, 2012
The most brutally honest and cut-throat YouTuber in existence. Also known as Greg Jackson, he doesn't give a shit about hate he receives and regularly makes fun of Emos, cutters, and basic bitches, but not limited to feminists and anorexics. If you don't want honesty, don't watch a guy named Onision.
Shane: "Omg guess what. I kissed Onision!"

Friend: "That insulting faggot who has strong opinions and roasts me with honesty in response to my retarded hatemail? Ew!"

Shane: "Yeah! He's great, isn't he?"
by Low-risk Hobbies April 02, 2016
Gregory Daniel Jackson (born November 11, 1985) is an American YouTube video maker and personality. He is known on YouTube as Onision; the name of his flagship channel. He is most recognizable in mainstream media as the creator of the "Banana Song (I'm A Banana)," which has amassed over 42 million views, and nearly 400k likes.
On YouTube, Jackson is known as a controversial content creator - known popularly as YouTube's Perfect Villain - due to his handling of controversial matters in his videos, feuding with other YouTubers, showcasing much of his personal life in his videos, and having a firm and strong system of beliefs that he has been known to convey in what can be considered an irrational manner.
WOW hes hot
NO hes an onision
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by SexyMofoChick69 September 30, 2015
A youtuber that makes funny videos and speaks his mind. Has thousands of fans, and makes a living off of YouTube.
"What are you watching?"

#youtube #onision #funny #money #fans
by Mychemicalromace207 September 09, 2015
Onision is a man who does comedy videos, music videos and other stuffs. In his videos he tells the truth. Some people hates him because of that. Some peoples gets offended by some of his videos, but he has a warning before (almost) every video that some people ignore. So if you ignore the warning its not Onisions fault that you got offended, its yours.
Person: I hate Onison...he always offend peoples.
Onision fan: Don't watch him then.
by Onisionfan November 30, 2015
A Narcissistic a person who wears empty hipster frames, try to be nude in all of his videos so that people will complement him. A person who is a militant vegetarian who calls meat eaters the "devils of the earth that need to go kill themselves".
A person who says sexist things like "women need teeth in their vagina" or "women need porcupine quills in their vagina for unwanted penis" these powers can be abused ,but hey, he doesn't care he just wants to appeal to teenage girls. It's fair to say that he will die off in 2 years, and the internet will be better for it.
"well you're an onision"
"woa man------too far.
#onision #douchebag #hipster #retard #narcissistic
by Shippudencave December 02, 2012
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