The Worlds worst boyband they can't sing they can't dance and all the fans love the ugly curly haired one, whenever something bad happens they all go mad like when they get girlfriends. The fans attacked TWFanmily when they came out of The Wanted tour because they are all Twats.
Directioner: OMG Harry is going out with caroline flack! We have to kill her now! One Direction have to stay single for me!

TWFanmily: Max Is getting married to Michelle Keegan I'm so happy I can't wait for the wedding!:)
by Love The Wanted! May 20, 2012
Tone deaf british dudes with no musical talent whatsoever that gained popularity by being "attractive"
Stupid Directioner Girl: Omggg i get to see one direction in concert!!!!'

Smart dude: Get a life they suck
by HatersMakeMeFamous June 01, 2014
A British boy band that is generally considered by teenage girls throughout the world to be the greatest thing since the Jonas Brothers, and by guys and/or people with good taste to be the most obnoxious thing since the Big Time Rush. Would like to be considered the new Beatles, but unfortunately lack necessary abilities such as singing, songwriting, and talent in general. Founded by Simon Cowell, also known as "That Asshole Singing Judge Guy" on The X Factor, also known as "That Singing Show- No, Not The One With The Maroon 5 Guy, The Other One- No, The Other One. Other Other One."
Examples: Every song ever released by One Direction, in the history of ever. Which translates to something like two or three albums or something, I don't even care. They'll be gone by the time Star Wars VII comes out.
by NCC-1701 December 22, 2012
5 gay guys pretending to be straight. Often sings in high pitched voices and songs that make you want to throw up run away to Israel only to find they play that song there too.
Woah dude! Dude you see those {gay) dudes over there! Totally a One Direction!
by Sadiethaskank November 03, 2013
Some ugly gay boy "band" One Direction. That has a lot less talent then Mindless Behavior. If you like them, you DO have a mental disease.

There is nothing wrong with being gay unless you are from one direction.
"I just listened to One Direction and I am clawing at my ears"

"Which band is age ranged from 15-16 and has a BET award, went platinum, is sexy, has a movie coming out, launches their own tour, has one album and is already working on another, and took over 2012? Not One Direction"
by Mindless as fuck August 18, 2012
A typical boy band that lacks any creative beats or interesting lyrics. They just sing about anything having to do with women. Teenage girls love them because they are "Hot", but if you ask them they'll say they like their "music". Truth is, if any of the five metro-sexual members had any facial scars, or were the least bit fat, None of the so called "fans" would listen to them.


Me (preparing to jump out of the nearest window)
by CynicalTeenager March 04, 2012
Possibly one of the worst 'boybands' in the world - if they can even call them selves that! They are the worst people ever and dont even care about there directioners! There in it for the money and should go jump off a cliff! They are all ugly little dicks!
Girl: Have you heard one direction?
Me: Yes they are the worst people ever
Girl: Yes i totally agree with you there!
by Fangirl123456 July 08, 2012

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