Short for a United States one hundred-dollar bill. This "slang" term (as it is not widely accepted enough to be considered a colloquial expression) is more prevalent among wealthy citizens, socialites and more recently those within the hip-hop cultural movement. Its use in a social context is meant to openly diminish the value of a one hundred-dollar bill to its possessor, so as to say the possessor's financial worth is so great that the highest paper currency denomination to them is equivalent to the actual lowest; i.e. a $100 bill to most is a $1 bill to the possessor, and as a result is considered a "one".
"To invariably experience an erotic dancer's best striptease, spectators should expect to throw some ones."
by jasonphilip September 15, 2011
Top Definition

Shortened form of "One Love"
"I'm out, 1"
by GxSlim July 25, 2002
n. The loneliest number.
The loneliest number
by SpoonyBard September 25, 2003
Can be used as 'goodbye' or 'later'.
Short for "One Love"
Joe: "see ya tomorrow"
Nikki: "one."
by nati May 24, 2003
means goodbye, spoken as a true gangsta
You leavin? Aight one bro."
by P Schizzle October 03, 2003
Regarded by many as the best Metallica songs. The song portrays a young soldier who is returning from war, suffering massive damage from a landmine. He cannot speak, he cannot move, he is essentially a head with no body.

Metallica did two versions of this song originally, the original and the rare version. In the rare version, during the long instrumental sections it is filled with speaking, the speaking of the soldier in his mind, the doctors, and his father. The boy pleads for his father to kill him, the doctor realizes the mistake of taking this patient and making him live through this "hell".
On "...and Justice for All."
by Aaron March 05, 2005
To close out a meeting, dialogue or some instance of communication with another/others by equating this term with "take care."
"Ayight man, I'm bout to bounce, I'll holla at you later. One."
by Aaron August 05, 2003
Slang term from being on your own.
Looks like im on my ones then...
by DaveG217 September 05, 2006
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