A great answer to give in math class when a teacher asks you a question to make sure you are paying attention, and you don't know it because you really weren't paying attention.

Great because it is more likely to be the right answer than any other number. Also, even if you're wrong, everybody will think it was just a joke and you will come out on top.

Do not try in other classes or you will look like a dumbass.
Me: zzz... "snore"

Mr. Lashower: Erick, would you please tell me what anything to the power of zero is?

Me: "wakes" Uhhhh.... one?????

Mr. Lashower: Yes, that's the correct answer.

Me: Bitchin'. This shit works.


Me: zzz...

Mr. Goldfischer: Erick who won the Battle of Stalingrad?

Me: One?

Classmates: WTF ?!?!
by Erick A. C May 24, 2009
it means bye
Geeky people say bye, but cool people say one instead.
by als June 25, 2002
1) When a vehicle is nearly out of gasoline, dictated by the gas meter pointing in the general direction of the "E"

Often used as an excuse to not drive somewhere, much more prevalent since gas prices have become greater than $2/gal.
James: Come get me at the library I got that dro.
Anthony: I don't think I can, dude. I'm broke and on E.
by XdElIrIuM April 27, 2006
a fucking number. one, just one. having more than zero, and less than two. a kick assMetallicA song. #1.
imprisoning me
all that i see
absolute horror
i cannot live
i cannot die
trapped in my self
body my holding cell

land mine
has taken my sight
taken my speech
taken my hearing
taken my arms
taken my legs
taken my soul
left me with a life in HELLLLLL!
by MetallilbangeR April 07, 2005
Attractive Females/ Good looking women/ Hot bitches
yo B check those ones out - got get inderre
by flem rumble January 17, 2011
A very ugly female. According to the 0-10 female grading scale.
(Ugly girl walks past)

Dude #1 to Dude #2: "ONE"
by C-RY LAX March 10, 2009
One means mad respect or peace; usually used at the end of the sentence
"yo imma roll out, plannin on gettin me an oz fo me n my ho 2nite"
"aight one"
by bryan biscoe October 23, 2006

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