He's like a coconut, acts all hard on the outside and when you find his inner self it's beautiful. He never has his own chewing gum, which doesn't bother me because he pays for every mode of transport possible in order to see each other. He's very random and a bit strange at time, which makes days with him so much more fun as I don't have a clue what he's going to say next. He sometimes needs a kick up his backside because he can be lazy at times. But he wouldn't be Oliver if he wasn't... A Genuine, caring, amazing person who deserves happiness in life. Amen
Just find an oliver and you'll see
by Cringyasfuck October 22, 2013
Oliver's are quite amazing. They'll listen to you, and love you like no other before. Oliver's are usually British, with an accent sexier than most. They're the closest thing to perfect, and they have the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen. Oliver's like to do fancy things with their hair, and stretch their ears. They're usually quite rebellious, and love a little danger. Oliver's have a great sense of style, and are usually very handsome. They would never let you down, and they fight for what they love. If you're ever fortunate enough to meet an Oliver, hold onto them. You'll never meet someone as great as them.
I just met the most amazing guy today.
Oh yeah, what's his name.
by i'magirl444 August 21, 2012
A name that symbolizes olive tree. Dutiful. Loyal to God.
I am Oliver.
Wow, your name is Oliver? Cool!
Oliver is OPA in our office.
by OPA September 28, 2007
The term used to describe a robust, oversized penis without peer or paradigm.
"Fuck, last night I was speared by the biggest Oliver I've ever seen. I sprayed."
by Bappa Di Boopi March 19, 2015
Oliver is a boy/man that is a massive badass and legendary personality, and normally has a large penis
woah it's Oliver step back guys
by The man with a the plan July 24, 2015
Over is the best person you will ever meet. He has awesome hair and amazing eyes. He has the cutest dimples you could ever see. He loves flowers and even has a flower backpack. He is transgender but I love him the way he is. He has a lot of gay moments. Because he is gay but whatever. he loves listening to attic monkeys. He loves people of all kind. He is the best person you can ever meet even if he doesn't know it!
Oliver is awesome
by Writing March 05, 2015
A wonderful boy with an incredible personality and passion for life. Very loyal and trustworthy. He is often mature beyond his years. Will put friends and family first. Easy to fall in love with. Has his gay moments but they're usually just for fun (maybe). Has incredible eyes and his smile lights up the room. Plays guitar beautifully. Unfortunately he usually has someone he has liked for a long time. So be careful if you fall in love with him.
Wow, I feel better now he's smiled....He's made my day Oliver.
by JJin February 25, 2010

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