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The name itself is unmistakabley the best, let alone everything that comes with it. Tall, gorgeous and the sweetest lad anyone could ever meet. Everything he says and everything he does is perfect. Never will there ever be anyone as amazing as Oliver. If you should ever meet one, you'll never regret it, you could'nt ever wish for anything else more rewarding than to meet, let alone know an Oliver. He has the most alluring eyes and utterly kissable lips. You won't even need to ask for his name, as the butterflies which flutter consistantly in your stomach will let you know just that. Words alone can't really describe him, I guess you'll just have to find out how delectable he really is yourself....if you that lucky........
'OMG I'd do anything to be with that lad over there'

'Well durr anyone would, that's Oliver'
by Otisismyname March 31, 2012
A name that symbolizes olive tree. Dutiful. Loyal to God.
I am Oliver.
Wow, your name is Oliver? Cool!
Oliver is OPA in our office.
by OPA September 28, 2007
Oliver's are quite amazing. They'll listen to you, and love you like no other before. Oliver's are usually British, with an accent sexier than most. They're the closest thing to perfect, and they have the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen. Oliver's like to do fancy things with their hair, and stretch their ears. They're usually quite rebellious, and love a little danger. Oliver's have a great sense of style, and are usually very handsome. They would never let you down, and they fight for what they love. If you're ever fortunate enough to meet an Oliver, hold onto them. You'll never meet someone as great as them.
I just met the most amazing guy today.
Oh yeah, what's his name.
by i'magirl444 August 21, 2012
Un petite retarde.
Oliver: Hey James, what does petite retarde mean? is that spanish?
by Anonymoussed December 30, 2011
The only name any male British person has. He is a fat chode with 2 legs and a voice box. He blows at sports, and has an annoying English accent.
Liz: Good game Oliver!!!
Oliver (in stupid British accent): We ran today and didn't play a game.
Liz: Good game!!! (shoves his British ass to the ground)
by Oliver Suckonadick June 07, 2011
Another word for cunt, dwarf, bitch etc.
often used in the sentence: hey look at that homeless Oliver, standing on the corner trying to make money for a living.
by Captain super awesome March 12, 2014
A wonderful boy with an incredible personality and passion for life. Very loyal and trustworthy. He is often mature beyond his years. Will put friends and family first. Easy to fall in love with. Has his gay moments but they're usually just for fun (maybe). Has incredible eyes and his smile lights up the room. Plays guitar beautifully. Unfortunately he usually has someone he has liked for a long time. So be careful if you fall in love with him.
Wow, I feel better now he's smiled....He's made my day Oliver.
by JJin February 25, 2010