Another word for cunt, dwarf, bitch etc.
often used in the sentence: hey look at that homeless Oliver, standing on the corner trying to make money for a living.
by Captain super awesome March 12, 2014
The name of an alternative currency that is used in the city of Bath, UK, the value of which is about 40-50 pence
I partly paid for my vegetables with a ten Oliver note
by psychlura March 03, 2012
A tall, thin, white, European, scarf wearing man that is typically either gay or Swedish
Oliver Smith: Gay

Oliver Johnson: Swedish

Oliver Jones: Bi-curious Danish
by randomguy4815162342 November 26, 2011
An Oliver is a socially inept retard, quite often being regarded as an outsider and a loner.
Can be found nesting in its own faeces and only leaves its nest to stalk its prey.

Its prey normally consists of young males who are confused about their own sexuality.
This normally quiet creature can be easily provoked though so beware!
Oh there goes an Oliver!
by Commonsensicle October 18, 2011
has a tiny peepee, the smallest of all the peepees in the world. He has a bigger bellybutton than penis. He likes to finger himself though. He appreciates vaginal tearing by Danny, but his peepee is too small to tear it.
Wow, he's such an oliver. "DUDE DONT SAY THAT"
by Danny5 September 20, 2011
A quiet, pale skinned being who is well known for his tragic case of an overdose of musashi, which led to ...... obesity.
His sex is unknown because of his genital mutilation. Also known for his great amount of gym commitment BUT with lesser results than those around him. Has been known to eat babies, and is hated for his constant public worshipping of Hitler, his greatest idol EVER. Hates people touching things that he bought with his own money.
Cannot dance
"Wow that guy cant even do one chin up"
"hes such an oliver"

"Look at that guy doing his shitty dance that is just plain and simply embarrassing"
"yea hes an Oliver"

"Man look at that guys hat, it has no sticker on it"
"Thats just Oliver"
by randt enterprises 88 August 23, 2011
(n)- A gay prostitute that sells himself for drugs. Olivers tend to have aids.
Fag # 1- I got aids from that damn Oliver last night.
Fag # 2- Wanna have sex?
by jhfdksjdfhkkeyreuiwyruiewyriuw April 11, 2011

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