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When asked the definition of "Oliver", just look up the the definition of "Chad" ...
-"Oliver is such a Chad"

-"yo, Oliver looks like a Chad, what a tool"
by nowy180 September 26, 2009
A little russian man whore who likes to bang marci and make fun of his innocent classmates who have bubble problems
that man whore was being mean to that girl in his class, he is SUCH an Oliver
by gkdlajfkjka February 03, 2009
Is usually a guy, not very manly, usually asian, very tall and skinny but with a mean muffin top. An Oliver is usually dirty and plays with mud. He brags about having acquaintances and being, "swagger king," but really, no one likes him or even knows he exists because he is overshadowed by someone close to him.
(party music playing in backround)
Girl #1: Do you see that guy over there?

Girl #2: Yeah, I heard his name was Adolfo!

Girl #1: Man, he's so hot. Who's that nasty chick next to him?

Girl #2: I don't know his name, but he's SUCH an Oliver and he's been creeping around all night!
by nelsonman September 14, 2009
a retarded n00b that drinks mercury and says hes cool and awesome all the time but really is not.
Oliver your a n00b don't drink mercury.
by Jim Blow December 03, 2007