1. result of reproduction
2. The coolest band ever! see The Offspring
1. The elephant's offspring was born yesterday.
2. I love The Offspting!
Top Definition
buy sum of their older CDs...it'll change the way u think of them
Smash (1994)
Ignition (1992)<I think
The Offspring (1989)
by unknown_user March 31, 2004
an amazin punk band that blows green day out if the water
the noose is fallin
and all my freiend are crawling
the noose is falling
the ememies are riseing
by giner March 16, 2005
Offspring are the greatest band ever, their older stuff is def better, smash being the best album n ixnay on the hombre rocks too.
Drivers r rude, such attitudes, but when i show my piece, complaints cease, something's odd, i feel like i'm god, you stupid dumbshit godam motherfucker - Bad Habit
by dEnIaLrEvIsItEd February 22, 2005
good band.... bad habit pretty fly self esteem others but i forgot
offspring is the shit
by ummm July 22, 2003
awesome friggin band buddy. You should get some o their stuff its pretty frigging good.
my penis is small
by SexInTheShity October 22, 2003
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