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The act of violating the social contract of friendship; committing a friendship faux pas
I can't believe Tiffany has missed our last three social gatherings to hang out with her boyfriend. I am so offriended!

Dude, Alex showed up to my family dinner drunk. It really offriended me.

Bethany really needs to stop offriending us by flaking out every time we try to plan girls' night out!
by WarrenGHarding192123 July 19, 2011
verb; to offend one's own friend or the friend of another.
noun; offrience
Julian: Alexander is my friend.
Ernest: I know you two are close, so I don't want to offriend him; but he has a dreadful fashion sense.

Isabelle: No offrience, but your pal Penelope has rotten teeth.
Jean: None taken, we are not BFFs anymore anyway.
by MarriedToTheMuffinMan January 13, 2011
to 'dis' or insult someone on Facebook.
even though i didn't like patty in college, i would never offriend her.

i read what charley wrote about me on sue's wall. i was totally offriended.
by rossmart February 05, 2009

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