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Relating to the french work 'Egg'. Usually used for someone you don't like.
Why did you do that you oeuf.
by Dave a.k.a. Eugene October 04, 2005
french word for egg. impress no one with it, when you say it, it sounds like you just tripped over your deformed feet.
"fry that œuf, bitch!"
"wtf? you havin episode 'gin?"
by bruja April 23, 2005
A sigh put into a word

If you dont wanna do summing 'oeuf' is a good way of letting someone know.

If something bad happens to some one, a simple reaction would be 'oeuf'
geeza 1: "Johnny just got arrested"
geeza 2: "Oeuf"

geeza 1: "come on lets go"
geeza 2: "oeuf"
geeza 1: "you not wanna go?"
by Dj Risq June 22, 2005
a fat lazy clued out lug of a human being
"dude what a bloody oeuf"
by ac January 22, 2004
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