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From one scumbag, 14.

Where my tax dollars are going.

She's a joker, she's a smoker, she's a midnight toker- and she bought it with your money.
Nadia Suleyman is the original octomom.
by RighteousFight February 27, 2009
A person on welfare or some other form of government assistance. These people are too lazy to work and spend all day sitting around their crap shack, causing a layer of dust to settle on their back. Related to the term wetback. Can also be applied to those politicians who support them with ridiculous amounts of hard-working taxpayers' dollars.
That octo-mom who won't go get a job is a fucking dustback.

Barack Obama is a dustback enabler.

(For comparison, a dustback enabler is to a dustback what a cocaine dealer is to a crackhead. Incidentally, most crackheads are also dustbacks).
by RighteousFight February 27, 2009

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