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Beer chugging method/apparatus popularized & conceptualized by super-bartender Octavian consisting of a small-bottom-holed-out beer bottle being refilled & slammed in next to no time.
You wanna take this party up a notch? Yes? Then lets break out the Octavian and get wrecked!
by Bob Boston August 05, 2004
A Really Amazing, Sweet, Caring, Beyond Handsome Person; Someone Who Makes Others Easily Smile; A Necessity In Life; Some One You Do Not Want To Lose.
Yupp, Thats Definatly Octavian.
by threethreeohnine December 23, 2009
noun-amazingly awesomely lovingly cooly funny grawsomely thing!
OMG thats sooo octavian
by Volanta13 December 18, 2010
The Moniker of Hillary Clinton's buttocks.
Reporter: So, Hildog, how is Octavian doing on the campaign trail?

Hillary: He's ok, but he's making it hard to clean my snizz. You never know what terrorists have up there...
by DooDooMan August 28, 2008