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Mon·i·ker (also Mon·ick·er)

n. Nickname
Nickname for Monica.

n. Slang
A nickname or pseudonym.
Monica's moniker is Moniker.
by Petri April 28, 2013
77 3
a nickname, a pseudonym, an alternate name
Who says your moniker is better than mine?
by Light Joker May 04, 2007
91 56
Street name (gang related)
Ima tag this shit up and put my moniker so everyone knows it's Dai Chun from Frisco China town fools.
by Dai Chun July 29, 2005
51 43
street names. These are the names of the members of the gang.
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
11 6
An apellation or extension to a name (usually fictitious), which gives an insight into the personality of the name holder. Often used by participants on social networking sites.
VirtuousWonder does not suffer fools gladly. "does not suffer fools gladly" is VirtuousWonder's moniker.
by wistoo August 08, 2009
14 12
Australian (Sydney) slang to replace 'name' in a disconnected reference to the person
thats a cool moniker you got there Bronson
by ugunnapingmi March 29, 2003
24 31
Name. Rhyming slang: Monica James (a writer) = names.
What's his moniker?
by starflier December 08, 2003
21 44