spiders? burning people? lol, that is some lame as shit talkin bout how ochos bein tough. ocho aint shit boy weak ass trick ass pieces of shit. you could even say they were duced on cause they are shit. and the duce is called just that because they do just that shit on people like spiders, ochos all that crap.
it aint nothin but lil kid stuff.
by tradat February 17, 2005
The most legit gang in the Almaden Valley.
The Ochos run on Duce and Trey 7 all day long because they're nothing but L to the 7 SQUARES. It's what's good in the A.V. cuz. The only way out of ochos is in box. OCHOS 4 LYFE, WE RIDE TOGETHER WE DIE TOGETHER.
Dude, you better rep the ochos sign or they'll mistake you for a duce and you'll get dropped.
Dude, you better stop repping that ochos sign or you'll get dropped.
by I dropped a Duce February 14, 2005
the term derives from the two words "ouch" and "hole".... a cut in ones skin is called an ocho is it seems to have skin missing causing a "hole" apperance in the skin
wtf fuck are you doing...ihave an ocho there (refering to a cut"
by VINCE February 07, 2005
a gang that resides in the almaden valley. if your caught in a benz when u should be in a bmw then they cap u. if u wear af and an ocho sees u not wearing ae then they gon burn your clothes, while your wearing it. ochos are hard. they like black widows, u p.o. the bitch and she kill you. if u see an ocho u best be checkin yourself especially if your in duce, then youll just be breakfast lunch and dinner. Symbolized by a spider.
the spidas rolled hard on the duces when they were on ochos turf.
by spidaman February 06, 2005

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