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a gang that resides in the almaden valley. if your caught in a benz when u should be in a bmw then they cap u. if u wear af and an ocho sees u not wearing ae then they gon burn your clothes, while your wearing it. ochos are hard. they like black widows, u p.o. the bitch and she kill you. if u see an ocho u best be checkin yourself especially if your in duce, then youll just be breakfast lunch and dinner. Symbolized by a spider.
the spidas rolled hard on the duces when they were on ochos turf.
by spidaman February 06, 2005
a weak ass gang in almaden valley who is bitched by ochos. ochos hit em and they cant handle it. the gang duce is exemplifed by the definition to drop a shit cuz they nothing but shit.
The Ochos duced on duce
by spidaman February 06, 2005
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