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Most likely the best name to have, ... ever.
If you haven't been blessed with this name,
its ok. You'll get over it :D

(and if this isn't your name or your friend/significant other's name then why would you waste your time and effort looking it up?)
Are you serious? Your name's Jen?! Fuck, you are one lucky little bitch! =D


I wish my name was Jen...
by Xx.your_favorite_bitch.xX February 16, 2008
A term used for a lesbian, derived from the Spanish word for eight and how an eight looks.
8 can be interpreted as the two female reproductive organs touching.
guy #1: Dude, check out that guy over there, he has boobs!
guy #2: Um, dude, thats a chick.
guy #1: Holy shit! That bitch is a fuckin ocho.
by Xx.your_favorite_bitch.xX February 16, 2008

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