Obamafied is the name of a song written and performed by mohogany brown. Look it up on YOUTUBE.
Obama isnt just certified, hes Obamafied.
Obamafied with excitement for him running for president!

by mohogany brown March 25, 2008
Top Definition
Adj. To practice a "Yes, we can!" attitude through vision, purpose, plan and action; especially when faced with an obstacle.
Many Americans who were obamafied after hearing Sabrina's motivational speach entitled "Hope for a Deteriorating Economy", decided to vote.
by srcHope November 05, 2008
Brainwashed. To believe everything your told withought thinking for yourself
Can you believe bought swamp land in georgia. He must be "obamafied"
by randommatter June 30, 2014
A person of African-American descent who has become similar to Barack Obama in manner.
"Whoa he's black!? I couldn't tell over the phone 'cause he's so Obamafied!"
by fdsfksldjfwieojfksjdlfjsldk September 23, 2007
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