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A person of nigerian descent who puts on a 'tough-guy' facade but is actually a complete coward.
The samllest things frighten him, such as dogs.
Poodle: *growl*
Jerrell: Holy shit! Someone fucking help me! This beast is going to fucking kill me!
Liam: Damn, he is such an Oba.
by Not Arsal April 09, 2009
One being of a bad-ass stance. O.B.A. is slang for "Official Bad-Ass." This term can be used to congratulate one for being recognized as an official bad-ass.
Wow, you just ate a whole pineapple, you are totally an O.B.A.
by kill-o-wattz May 14, 2008
A hate term used to describe a young black male, who has a lot of homosexual tendacies.
Tom: Jerry touched my arse today.
Bob: Yeh he's an Oba
by anonymous169 March 04, 2008
the largeat ,hottest man ever alive. he is so hot and sexy that, every single time a girl thinks of him thay faint.
girl: wow omg oba is so hot a sexy

other girl : ***faint***
by supasoaka November 05, 2009
"Oriental Black Abyss" reffering to an extremely ugly or unattractive asian female. Usually is characterized by excessive crying or strange breathing noises at an uncomfortably close distance.
Guy 1: "What's that sound?"

Guy 2: "O thats just OBA..."

Guy 1: "My god she is ugly..."
by The Stig 4 February 03, 2010
stands for one bedroom apartment
p1. come chill at the oba
p2. word ill be there in a few
by bikerbrett February 07, 2010
Off-Boat Asian. This term is used to refer to asian women who are new immigrants to America (hence, "Fresh off the boat"). This term is used in context relating to new-immigrant asian girls which are open to relationships with american men.
"Man.. I'm sick and tired of superficial and self-entitling american girls, where can I find an OBA around here?"
by Luis2130181 March 19, 2006
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