Sexual reference in which you tell your female partner you're going to pull out, but you CHANGE your mind after getting "into office"
My girlfriend just told me we have another kid on the way, because I pulled an Obama a couple weeks ago.
by The PropheTeeR April 02, 2010
slang or "code" name for the painkiller Opana (OxyMorphone)
Man, I just tooted (snorted) a 20mg Obama, and I am figgity fucked up.
by Notnek January 10, 2009
when you mix dark and white liquor together
nigga im sippin on that Obama!!
by bneasy May 07, 2008
1. noun: among certain youth and young professionals, slang for marijuana. The origin of the term comes from Barack Obama's admitted regular marijuana use in high school.
Me and Jo-Jo went to the corner, bought us some obama, rolled that shit, and now we gonna smoke us a fatty.
by Zeke Jones February 16, 2007
A puppet of the reactionary corporatist state. He is not a communist, not a socialist. He is a pure evil capitalist. He is a house nigga, uncle tom, sell-out. One who is misleading people who truly desire change. He will keep us at war. There is no main difference between the corporate backed candidates. One day true direct democracy will be achieved and evil capitalists like him who will ocntinue to rape and ravage the "third world" will be no more. Decentralization is the answer, Anachy is the way to be: NO GODS NO MASTERS NO STATES NO WARS!!!!!
Just because Obama is "black" doesn't mean he isn't supported by and sold out to the evil, racist, classist power structure known as the state!!!!
by FREEDOM 4 ALL PEOPLE!!! November 04, 2008
The current President of the United States of America, originally a senator from Illinois
This is the only non-biased definition of Barack Obama on urbandictionary as of today.
by geturbandictionarynonpolitical August 21, 2011
The fourth black president, the first openly black president. The four black presidents are Linclon , Johnson, Clinton, and Obama.
Why do Obama and Linclon resemble each other? They are both black.
by knowman February 15, 2009

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