Second Termer. Get used to it, conservatives.
I see that Barack Obama won a second term in November!
Let's hope he can continue to move America FORWARD.
by FORWARDwithObama2012! September 18, 2012
1. Noun. The 44th president of the United States and the U.S's first black president.

2. Verb. To swat and kill a fly with your hand.
1. President Obama is currently receiving flak for not coming up with an adequate solution to health care in America.

2. I just Obama'd a fly man, it was awesome!
by DarkLoaf September 27, 2009
verb, to bitch slap something
Referring to President Obama killing the fly in midair, "Yo, he obamaed that shit."

"You better shutup before I obama the shit out of you."
by Sexy Simon September 26, 2009
1. A Howdy-Doody puppet dipped in shit.
2. An absolutely zero-experience Curious George look-alike who, if elected, will provide America with a way to see monkeys perform without having to go to the zoo or the circus.
3. Provides White America with a way to express regret for slavery and attempt to appease the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.
4. A slick, say-anything-to-get-elected politician who regularly attended the Trinity United Church of Christ for over 20 years and just now resigned his membership. Wants America to believe that he never looked up to or followed the teachings of the Reverends Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfelger and that he never actually listened to their sermons.
5. Another lyin' ass piece of shit politician.
Informed voter: "Mr. Obama, Is it true that you attended Trinity United Church for over two decades but never actually listened to the sermons or considered the pastors to be preaching hatred and racial division?"
Obama: "Yes. Pastors Wright and Pfelger were never my spiritual mentors."
Informed voter: "You are about a lyin' motherfucker!"
Obama: :(
by lkkijj June 03, 2008
The fourth black president, the first openly black president. The four black presidents are Linclon , Johnson, Clinton, and Obama.
Why do Obama and Linclon resemble each other? They are both black.
by knowman February 15, 2009
A spineless failure who throws his constituents under the bus and then whines about how others made him do it.
The Obama had his candy stolen by a baby.
by Walker_422 November 10, 2014
The act of doubling down on a lie when clearly caught in a lie.
1. When I saw my new boyfriend sitting in the bar, holding hands with an Asian hottie, he told me it was his long-lost sister. I reminded him that he had claimed to be an only child. That's when he totally tried to Obama. He said he often blocked out memories, due to having been traumatized as a child. He said he was traumatized when his mom forgot to put syrup on his pancakes. Then I asked how it was that he was white and his 'sister' was Asian. He again Obamaed, saying that his dad had been a research scientist, and he and his 'sister' were the result of a genetics experiment gone wrong.

2. When the state trooper caught me driving in the HOV lane with an inflatable doll by my side, I tried to Obama him. I told him that I was supposed to be taking my girlfriend to work. I said she must have snuck the doll into my car, while she slipped out and stayed home, as a joke. He wrote me a ticket anyway.
by Hal, Luce, and Nate November 06, 2013

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