First black president of the united states of america who was elected on the 4th/5th november 2008.
Barack Obama has won the election to become the 44th and first ever black president of the USA.
by Blackaface November 05, 2008
The 44th president of America!
Obama won!
by Taisto November 04, 2008
A man who had the potential to be one of the greatest presidents ever, if not for the dysfunctional congress he was stuck with.
Obama: It's time to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. The wealthy need to pay their share.

Congress: NO!

Obama: Let's begin drawing down forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Congress: NO!

Obama: Let's give small businesses tax cuts to encourage hiring.

Congress: That was originally our idea, but now that Obama's proposing it, NO!

Obama: We must do something to...

Congress: NO!

Obama: Oh screw it, I'll just give you guys everything you wanted.

Congress: NO!

Public: *blames Obama for not getting anything accomplished*
by coffee_lover November 04, 2011
The 44th president of the United States, born in Hawaii to a white mother from Kansas and a black father from Kenya, which technically makes him biracial but according to the one drop rule it would be appropriate to call him the first black president
Obama campaigned on change, reforming healthcare and getting our troops out of Iraq, so far he has mostly kept his promises.
by Mr.Juan-derful September 14, 2010
A well-intentioned president who, contrary to what the disaffected right-wing would have us believe, has actually made many accomplishments despite the craptacular state of affairs he inherited from his predecessor.

A president who (perhaps unjustifiably) has made sincere efforts at bipartisanship despite the unrelenting barrage of lies and bullshit from the right-wing attack machine who's only goal is to tear down his presidency at all costs, and the outright refusal of congressional republiturds to consider any of his ideas, even if said ideas originally garnered bipartisan support.
Notable accomplishments include:

Passage of the controversial stimulus act, which despite it's flaws, helped to curb job loss, improved our infrastructure, and saved many state governments from going bankrupt. Most economists believe we would be worse off without it.

Helped turn the economy around (the Dow was only in the 6000s when Obama took office)

Ordered the strike that killed Bin Laden, and implemented the drone strike policy that killed Bin Ladin's number two man and sent Al Qaeda running.

Passed health care reform, something many presidents have tried to do and failed. While it could have done more to bring down costs and less to appease the insurance industry, it was the best we could get in today's political climate, and it does bring America closer to the developed world in terms of health care.

And to the losers who are messing up the votes on the Obama defs, kindly fuck off and get a life.

To everyone else: don't believe any of the vote totals on these pages. They are being hacked! Yesterday, Obama-hating def 6189985 written by Star Destroyer 2 had 15 thumbs down and 0 up. Today (as of this writing) it magically has 60 thumbs up!! Likewise, def 6183602 written by coffee_lover had 16 thumbs up and 0 down, until today. Now it's 16 up and 47 down. I smell a Kochroach.
by not a dittohead November 11, 2011
An african american man running for president of the USA. He is runnin in the democratic seat against other democrats such as hillary clinton and john edwards.
If Barack Obama wins he will be the first black US president!
by Neo D. January 04, 2008
Second Termer. Get used to it, conservatives.
I see that Barack Obama won a second term in November!
Let's hope he can continue to move America FORWARD.
by FORWARDwithObama2012! September 18, 2012

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