First black president of the united states of america who was elected on the 4th/5th november 2008.
Barack Obama has won the election to become the 44th and first ever black president of the USA.
by Blackaface November 05, 2008
A dumbass who should have never been elected because he doesn't do shit for America but of course as Americans are dumbasses and wanted black president because we've never had one. (I'm American btw)
by Matt1314Class1314 February 19, 2014
see smegma. The worst president since Jimmy Carter. He believes in helping the poor, with benefits such as welfare, and obamacare, but at the expense of hurting the hard-working middle class. The middle class are forced to pay for the poor's benefits. With little experience, and little to show now in his second term in office, Obama should be considered the worst American President.
GUY1: Who do you think the next president?
GUY2: I don't know man, let's just hope it's not another Obama.
by cd mac January 03, 2014
The 44th president of America!
Obama won!
by Taisto November 04, 2008
The 44th president of the United States of America.
Barack Obama for President-2008!
by Wakamusha March 31, 2007
verb: the act of shutting up idiot loud mouths like music artist Kanye West and congressman Joe Wilson by telling it the way it is.
person 1: "Did you just hear what that bitch nigga said?"
person 2: "Yeah and if he keeps it up i'm gonna obama his ass."
by pseudo who? February 05, 2010
The president of the United States of America
(guy)Hey did you hear?
(other guy)Hear what?
(guy)Obama is our new president!
(other guy)Bush is out!
by preppyhollisterssuck March 05, 2009

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