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A big, tall and strong young male who is built and solid.
I tried pushing Greg and he didn't even budge it was like pushing a damn Oak Tree.
by HHHyt9 April 03, 2009
the combination of one, Jenny, and one, Myron, into a single specimen, specifically, an oak tree.
I am a very large oak tree
by not redwood October 22, 2006
A person that has nothing but witty and sassy insults, often used with impeccable timing and nonchalance; i.e. a person who gives a lot of shade. This tree can extend to various other types of trees with excess foliage, ranging from Redwood trees (shade in groups) to Grandmother Willow (master queen of shade as seen in Disney's Pocahontas).
Carbquanda: Rihanna shouldn't cake cake cake cake cake cake on all that makeup, be lookin' like a clown.

Quicha: You's such an oak tree, girl.
by SerenaWilliams April 02, 2013
a guy from clear fork that they call och. and it sounds too much like oak. and his last name is ochyltree and it sounds like oak tree. but he is a great guy that snowboards and he is cool.
like a oak tree quercus alba.
by sarjen January 22, 2005
Oak tree means some one who always puts others first and who will do whatever is necessary to make others happy
She is such an oak tree
by Meow//98 May 17, 2016
A person who casts shade to everyone.
That Jonny boy was an Oak Tree, He gassed Tracy
by NyanPonRona August 09, 2016
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